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Servicing Lee and Collier County

Excavator Services

Land Clearing

Services for our clients

Here at ROOTWORKS we have access to a wide range of excavating and earth moving  equipment to suite your specific project needs. Below is list of some of our services we offer to you. We aim to satisfy the residential consumer to keep our company in the roots of our family. Although we do not actively seek Commercial Projects we have a list of Vendors we recommend to suit your needs.

Excavator services

  • Machinery rental with operator Hourly/Daily/Weekly Rates
  • Site specific excavation for Pool, House Footer, and Drain field installation
  • Dump truck services for material hauling to and from project sites
  • Exploratory Excavation
  • Pond excavation for New or Existing
  • Trenching equipment for silt fence, electrical and plumbing installation
  • Natural Disaster Heavy Equipment Support

land clearing

  • Residential lot clearing
  • Selective Invasive Tree Removal
  • Degrubbing selective ground areas
  • Root raking 
  • Mulching Vegetation onsite to leave in place
  • Commercial Land Clearing up to 5 acres 
  • Silt fence, turbidity barrier installation


  • New pond construction
  • Renovation of existing pond 
  • Shoreline stabilization with rip rap
  • New construction of Cap Rock Islands in your pond

demoltion / specialty removal

  • Concrete / Flat work removal
  • Driveway removal
  • Pool removal from existing home 
  • Material Removal and Safe Disposal