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Land Clearing

rock driveway / double gate 

This client purchased the lot behind their home and needed a place to put their boat! We removed a few trees and shrubbery, relocated the rock garden and border, cut the grade out next to the paver pad to accommodate the new rock driveway.

We also installed and built a custom 15’ wide double swing vinyl gate.



This client needed a serious renovation on their dilapidated pond and overgrown property. We subcontracted and coordinated third party contractors to trim the vegetation and raise the canopy on this 10 acres generating over 800 cubic yards of debris.

Following the arborist we started the shore stabilization and construction of the cap rock island. 2 layers of filter fabric and over 600 tons of cap rock gave us the finished product. 

After the island was complete we proceeded to excavate the pond to the required depth and shape the shoreline on our way out. Another 250 tons of 12'' commercial rip rap was installed with filter fabric holding it in place. A small section of the embankment was left open to be finished with artificial turf.

With the pond being complete our final step was to restore the base rock roadways that were installed 4 years prior. We subcontracted and coordinated the paver installation for the driveway, road and multiple walkways throughout the property.



Our job here was simple... Remove everything to get ready for new construction!